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The content of this site is primarily educational. Many of my clients have initially not known much about homeopathic medicine. Some have been on the health-care treadmill for a while and have decided to try homeopathy as a last resort. Previous treatments had not cured them and/or the side effects of treatment have aggravated their suffering. It is my hope that information presented here will give people enough knowledge to make an informed decision to try, or not to pursue, homeopathy as a treatment option. A knowledgeable patient is much easier to treat successfully.

A secondary difficulty that I have encountered when promoting my practice is the, oftentimes, well-founded mistrust of so-called "alternative medicines." All too often I hear the story of parents who have taken their child to a practitioner of some alternative modality, paid that practitioner a considerable amount of money, and ended up with little or no amelioration of their child's problem. Another disturbing scenario is the client who walks into a practitioner's office expecting to pay about $200, and walking out two hours later having spent two or three times that much. Why? Because the practitioner sold them stuff: herbs, creams, supplements, etc. Not a problem if the stuff effects a cure. But people become justifiably upset when they get nothing for their money but excuses when treatment does not work.

Homeopathy works. It is a system of medicine, a science, based on principles that have been verified experimentally and clinically for nearly 200 years. Modern quantum physics further illustrates how brilliant the insights were of the early doctors who developed homeopathy. Should you be interested in how it works, please feel free to acquaint yourself with the information on this site. From the outset, however, if you just want to know how the guy who put up this website can back up what he says, the answer is this:

    If homeopathic treatment does not significantly improve the quality of your health, you do not pay.

Here are the specifics:

I charge $175 for your initial consultation and $70 for each follow-up, if follow-up is needed. You do not pay extra for the remedy you will be given. There are no additional charges.

If, on follow-up (usually about one month after the original prescription) there has been no improvement in your health, no charge will be made for any follow-up until there is some curative action with a remedy. Some times we, as homeopaths, just get it wrong and prescribe a remedy that has no effect on a patient. This rare situation can usually be corrected at the first follow-up. Should you decide that homeopathic medicine is not for you, that you do not wish to pursue a follow-up adjustment, your original $175 will be refunded minus a $10 charge to cover my expenses in preparing your remedy.

This is your right as a consumer; a right that I respect; the same right that I expect to be honored when I purchase a service, i.e., the right not to be trapped in a situation when I do not feel that I am getting fair value for my money. My experience has been that satisfied clients pay happily. One does not give a dissatisfied patient platitudes and excuses, one gives her her money back. That way I am happy and she is happy.

Is this policy a good business decision on my part? It would be financial suicide if a business were selling a shoddy product or service. It, however, is a good way to practice for me, both ethically and financially because homeopathy works. It is an effective, efficient and gentle form of medicine.

Speech therapy rates are $110 per session. The commitment to refund fees if you are not satisfied with the results of assessment or therapy does not apply to speech services except in cases where I have clearly made the mistake of pursuing an unproductive strategy for too long. I have a long history of providing efficient and reliable assessments and therapy, of getting results and getting them quickly. 

The content of this site will be continually updated and expanded over the next few years. I am having a good time constructing it and I hope that you find the material useful. Drop in from time to time as it gradually fleshes out from its current bare-bones state.

The links to "Basic Info," "Expanded Info," and "Specific Topics," are pretty much the tutorial 101 for fundamental information about homeopathy. For the reader who does not feel as though this is as much or more than he or she would ever want to know about the subject, links to "Appendices," "The Organon," etc., are sources of more in-depth material. For those interested in homeopathic treatment, the "Intake Forms" and "Contact" are the place to initiate this. "Clinical Cases" is intended as an interesting read for one and all.

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